KnitPro Symfonie Interchangeable Circular Needles (long)

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For those who love to knit!!

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For those who love to knit.

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Weight .05 kg

10 DPI 40/10, 100cm/40", 100gm, 12 Pack, 12.5 DPI 50/10, 120cm/48", 120cm/48" for RH1200, 15 DPI 60/10, 150cm/60", 15cm/6", 19 micron 100gm, 19 micron 500gm, 1kg, 2.5 DPI 10/10, 20cm/8" for SL2, 22 micron 100gm, 25cm/10" for SL25, 26cm/10", 277mm, 3 Pack, 3,5mm, 3.00mm, 3.25mm, 3.50mm, 3.75mm, 30cm/12", 367mm, 36cm/14", 3mm, 4 Pack, 4.00mm, 4.50mm, 40cm/16", 40cm/16" for RH400 & SL40, 415mm, 440mm, 46cm/18", 5 DPI 20/10, 5.00mm, 5.50mm, 500gm, 50cm/20", 567mm, 56cm/22", 6.00mm, 6.50mm, 60/10 15 DPI, 60cm/24", 60cm/24" for RH600, 640mm, 681, 7.00mm, 7.5 DPI 30/10, 70cm/28", 767mm, 76cm/30", 8.00mm, 80cm/32", 80cm/32" for RH800, 840mm, 9.00mm, AMB1, AMB2, AMB3, AMB4, AMB5, Aspen, Autumn, Avocado, Berries, Black 120cm, Black 150cm, Black 80cm, Black/Gold 40cm, Bordeaux, Bronze, Bugs, Chilli, Cocoa, Colour 0202, Colour 100, Colour 434, Colour 681, Cotton, Cypress, Damson, EL01, EL02, Fine, Fine 108 ppsi, Flamingo, Flowers, Ginger, HDEL2, HDEL3, HDSY 10022, HDSY 11022, HDSY 13022, HDSY 14022, HDSY 15022, HDSY 4022, HDSY 6022, HDSY 7022, HDSY 8022, Hyacinth, Indigo, Iris, Jumbo, Kiwi, Lacquered Single Drive, Lagoon, Lily, Lipstick, Magnolia, Mango, Merlot, Mint, Natural Single Drive, Neon Green 60cm, Orange 80cm, Original, Penguin, Peppercorn, Poppyseed, Pukeko, Purple 120cm, Purple 150cm, Red 100cm, Red Cable 100cm, REED10/410, REED10/610, REED10/800, REED12/410, REED12/610, REED12/800, REED16/410, REED16/610, REED16/800, REED6/410, REED6/610, REED6/800, REED8/410, REED8/610, REED8/800, Rooster, Saffron, Sampler, Seal, Sherbet, Signature, Smoke, Sorbet, Splash, Spring, Standard, Standard 72 ppsi, Storm, Summer, Super Fine, Tamarillo, Tangerine, Tui, WHITE, Natural, Natural Double Drive, Lacquered, Lacquered Double Drive